DIY Whimsical Plant Markers- a tutorial using recycled items

200x200 diy plant markers

Create these cute diy whimsical plant markers to use in your garden or flower pots using nothing but free and recycled items.

DIY Plant MarkersPNG DIY Whimsical Plant Markers  a tutorial using recycled items

These whimsical plant markers, or stakes, are so easy to make, I hesitate to even call this a tutorial. But oh well, I’m gonna.

Moving on…The items and tools you’ll need to make the plant markers depends entirely on what you have on hand. First, go gather your sticks.

Go on. Do that now, and while you’re gathering, be thinking about the odds and ends you have stashed around the house that you might use for your plant markers.

DIY Plant Markers2 DIY Whimsical Plant Markers  a tutorial using recycled items

Here are some ideas:

  • Old gift bows
  • Buttons
  • Coat hangers, broken extension cords or other cables
  • Beads and sequins
  • Broken jewelry and earrings that have lost their mate
  • Just about anything from the kitchen junk drawer
  • Shapes cut from soda cans
  • Soda can tabs or bottle caps
  • Duct Tape (Nice flowers tutorial here at
  • Floral wire
  • Glitter
  • Clear nail polish
  • Plastic lids to cut shapes from
  • Homemade shrinky dinks (Here’s a good tutorial from

Depending on what items you’re using you really don’t need many tools:

  • Pliers to bend and cut wire
  • Scissors to cut soda cans, ribbons, etc.
  • A nail and hammer to punch holes in dangly objects
  • Glue
  • Wood burning tool (or permanent marker)
  • Box cutter or razor blade knife

Ok, so with all of your found items and tools gathered up it’s time to start shaping your stick. It won’t need much.  Just a slightly pointed end for sticking into the dirt and a shaved area for writing or burning the plant name onto. 

*For safety’s sake, be sure to cut or shave the stick with the razor moving AWAY from you.  I don’t need to tell you that, right?*

Next, name the stick. And no, I don’t mean George, or MaryAnn, or Pete…I mean, grab a pencil and write the plant name onto the shaved area of your stick to trace with your marker or woodburning tool. Sheesh.  Of course if you’re the uber-confident type, then just skip this step and go ahead and marker or burn it on.  Personally, I skipped the pencil step (with less-than-great results, as seen in the photo’s above).  Not because I’m uber-confident, but because I’m uber-impatient.

I brushed over the writing with clear (glittery) nail polish on the ones I wrote with marker instead of burning. Burning will last longer, but it also takes longer and well, you know, there’s that whole impatient thing I’ve got going on, so I wrote most of mine.

Now, it’s time to start wrapping wire and stringing beads and buttons and hanging soda can shapes and whatever else your creative self can imagine.  Kids can get involved at this point, too.

There is no right or wrong here, which is what I love about this project. Well, that and the fact that it’s fun and cute and whimsical and green.  And groovy.

Definitely groovy.



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